How To Create A Youtube Channel

How To Create A Youtube Channel

How To Create A Youtube Channel
How To Create A Youtube Channel

How To Create Youtube Channel

How To Create Youtube ChannelIn This Post Today, We Are Going To Tell You How To Create A Youtube Channel And What Is Youtube.

So Before Knowing All This, Let Us Know Some Basic Information About Youtube

Youtube Is A Popular Website, It Is The Largest Video Sharing Website In The World, Here You Will See Videos Of Almost All Languages, This Video Collection Of This Site Is Very Big, 

But You Have Thought That Where So Many Videos Come From, Then Upload All These Videos Youtuber You Can Do That Too, Just By Creating A Youtube Channel, You Can Also Upload Youtube Videos On It And Also Earn Money.

So Let's First Know What Youtube Is

What Is Youtube

This Is A Platform Where People Share Videos And In This Way, Any Person In The World Can Watch Them From Anywhere For Free And Can Take Their Entertainment Or Information.

Youtube Is A Video-Sharing Platform Where A Lot Of Videos Are Seen And Anyone Can Create And Upload Their Own Videos.

It Is Designed So That Anyone Can Upload Videos And Crores Of People All Over The World Can See The Videos Put In It.

Initially, The Purpose Of Making This Platform Was That People Could Share Any Video With Each Other.

But No One Had Thought That It Would Become Such A Great Source Of Earning. If We Talk Today, In The Case Of The Highest Traffic, This Number Comes After Google.

And Wherever There Is Traffic, People Promote Their Business. This Is The Reason That The Video Which Attracts People To Itself Earns That Much.

How to create a youtube channel

How To Create Youtube Channel, Creating A Channel On Youtube Is Very Easy. For This, You Do Not Need To Create A Separate Account. If You Have Your Google Account Ie Gmail Id, 

Then You Can Sign In On Youtube From Your Google Account And You Can Also Create A Channel On Youtube With The Help Of Gmail Id.

Step 1:

First Of All, You Have To Search Youtube's Website Www.Youtube.Com In Any Browser Of Your Computer Or Phone And Open It.

Step 2:

After The Youtube Website Is Open, In The Top Right Side There You Will See The Button Of "Sign In", Click On It, And Login With The Help Of Your Gmail Account.

Step 3:

After Login, You, Will, See A Photo On Your Gmail Account On The Right Side. You Have To Click On That Icon, Which Will Bring Many Options In Front Of You. You Have To Click On "My Youtube Channel" Or "Your Channel" There.

Step 4:

After Clicking On My Youtube Channel Or Your Channel, A New Page Will Appear In Front Of You In Which You Have To Click On "Use A Business Or Other Name".

Now From The Channel Options Available In The Next Page, You Have To Choose The Name Or Category Of Your Youtube Channel According To Your Business Or Choice.

Step 5:

After Setting The Youtube Channel Ka Naam And Brand, You Have To Click On The "Create" Button Shown Below, Your Youtube Pe Channel Will Be Created As Soon As You Click.

Step 6:

After This, If You Want To Make Your Page Attractive, Then Click On “Customize Channel”. In This, You Are Told What Is Needed To Make Your Channel More Complete.

Step 7:

You Can Set The Profile Picture Of Your Youtube Channel Using The Option Of Customize Channel. If You Also Want To Put A Cover Picture On A Youtube Channel. For That, 

You Have To Click On The Option Of "Add Channel Art" In This Page, From Which You Will Be Able To Install Cover Picture.

So Now Your Youtube Channel Is Ready, Now You Can Upload The Videos You Have Made To Youtube.


Youtube Is The Most Popular Video Sharing Website In The World Along With Being A Popular Website. Here You Will Get To See Videos Of Almost All Languages. The Video Collection Of This Site Is Very Large, Which Is Also Difficult To Guess. 

But Have You Ever Thought That Where So Many Videos Are Coming From Youtube, Then They Are Uploaded By People Like You And Us, For Which You Have To Create A Youtube Channel.

This Is A Platform From Which You Can Watch Videos From All Over The World For Free. Youtube Is Also A Good Way For People To Earn Money Along With Their Entertainment.