How To Make Money From Blogging

How To Start A Blog, There Are Many Ways To Earn Money Online, One Of Them Is Blogging. You Can Earn A Good Amount By Making A Good Blog And Posting Posts On It.

For This, It Is Necessary To Have The Right Information, Only Then You Will Be Able To Make A Good Blog And Blogging In A Good Way,

So In This Post Today We Are Going To Tell You About The Complete Information About Blogging, So That You Will Be Able To Understand About Blogging Well And To Become A Good Blogger, Let's First Know What A Blog Is And How Blogging Is Done On It.

What is blog

How To Start A Blog, Blogging Is The Work In Which You Post Posts On Your Blog Continuously. Suppose You Have A Website. That Is, Blog And You Post Continuously On It. So It Means That You Are Blogging.

We Constantly Post Posts On Our Website. That Means We Are Blogging.

There Are Two Types Of Blogging

1. Event Blogging

It Requires A Lot Of Experience To Make It

This Type Of Blogging Is Done For A Few Days.

It Usually Earns A Lot Of Money

Less Content And Articles Have To Be Inserted

If Not Done, Then The Money Put

Is Drowned

You Should Already Have A Community Of People Following You

For Example

The Wishing Website Created For The Festival, Which Will Be Greeted By The Opening Of The Festival As Well As The Advertisement Will Also Be Seen. The Person Who Creates A Blog Earns From This Advertisement.

2. Permanent Blogging

This Type Of Website Gives Lifetime Income.

Generally, People Use This Blogging More To Earn Money.

It Takes A Lot Of Hard Work. A Lot Of Content And Articles Have To Be Inserted.

But Once Such A Block Is Created, Then There Is No Problem.

A Lot Of Waiting Has To Be Done In This.

How To Start Blogging

How To Start A Blog, You Don't Have To Do Much To Start Blogging. You Should Have Some Knowledge To Bring Your Blog To The World. With Which You Can Rank In Google. And You Can Make Your Content Accessible To The People.

Starting A Blog Requires Two Things

The First Is Domain And the Second Is Hosting.

What Is Domain

Blogging, Domain Is The Name Of Your Blog. Like Our Website Name ILU6.Com

The ILU6 In It Is The Domain Or Domain Name.

Domain Is Available For Free And

Also For Money. It Depends On Your Requirement Which One You Want.

If You Want To Make Your Identity Online Then You Must Have A Domain Name Of Your Own.

What Is Hosting

Hosting Is The Platform Where Your Data Is Stored. Meaning That When You Do Any Work On Your Blog, All Of It Is Stored In The Hosting.

Hosting Is Also Available For Free And Also For Money.

You Are Bound In Free Hosting. And With Money Hosting, You Can Do Whatever You Want On Your Blog.

Blogging Can Be Started In Two Ways. One You Can Start For Free To Learn. And Secondly, When You Learn, You Can Take A Domain And Hosting By Paying.

How To Start Blogging For Free

How To Start A Blog, You Can Start A Blog For Free By Visiting Blogger.Com. This Is One Such Platform Which Is Most Famous All Over The World. Blog Can Be Made Very Easily Here. And Work Can Be Started In A Few Minutes.

You Can Also Earn Money From Here. When People Start Liking Your Blog, Then People Start Coming To Your Website In Plenty.

Then You Can Earn Money By Applying Google Adsense Code.


So In Today's Post, We Learned What Blogging Is And Hope What You Have Understood Well How Blogging Is Done, If You Liked This Post Then Share It And Have A Question In Mind. You Can Ask In The Comment Box.