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What Is Domain And Hosting

What Is Domain And Hosting, In Today's Time, It Is A Very Big Thing To Have A Website Of Your Own And It Is Even More Important To Maintain It Because It Is Not Very Difficult To Make A Website.

But It Is Very Difficult To Maintain It Because The Website Needs To Have The Right Information To Maintain The Website. For This, We Need To Have A Domain Name And Hosting, Due To Which We Get The Identity Of A Website.

Just As You Need A Shop Space To Place Your Products, Similarly Your Business Website Needs Web Hosting Service To Be Displayed Online.

Web Hosting Provides Your Website Files With Storage Space I.E. Place To Live And Access I.E. Means To Reach Everyone.

For The Domain Name And Hosting, We Should Have The Right Information, Only Then We Will Be Able To Work Well On It Because When We Choose The Domain And Hosting Incorrectly, Then We Have Problems Later,

So Working On The Domain And Hosting First We Have To Keep The Right Information About It, So Today We Will Know About Domain And Hosting In This Post, Then, First Of All, Know What Web Hosting Is.

What Is Web Hosting

What Is Web Hosting

What Is Web Hosting

What Is Domain And Hosting, It Is A Big Thing To Have Your Own Website. It Is Very Important To Have Proper Knowledge For This. To Create A Website,

Many Things Have To Be Kept In Mind, Such As Having A Domain Name And Hosting For Your Website Is Important, Due To Which Our Website Gets Recognition.

Web Hosting Provides The Service Of Giving Space To All Websites On The Internet. Stores The Website's Files, Images, Videos, Etc. On A Special Computer. We Call Web Server.

The Computer Stays Connected To The Internet 24 × 7 At All Times. Web Hosting Service Is Provided By Many Companies Like Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, Etc. And We Also Call Them Web Host.

To Store The Website In Other High Powered Computers, We Pay Them Rent Just Like We Pay Rent To Live In An Unknown House.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

Hosting Service Stores Your Website Files On Web Servers (High Level Computers). When Anyone Types Their Address Or URL In Their Browser To Access Your Website, Then These Web Servers Accept That Customer's Request And Deliver A Copy Of Your Website Files To His Computer, Resulting In The Customer's Computer. Your Website Opens.

Hosting gives our Blog and Website a place on the Internet to stay active.

Due to this our website or blog remains active 24X7 on the Internet. We get hosting from those companies. Which sells web hosting.

Hosting Companies

Hosting companies provide hosting with the plan. Some of the names of the hosting company are as follows-

2.Digital Ocean
7.Reseller Club

Types Of Web Hosting

Which Type Of Hosting You Should Take Depends On The Requirements Of Your Website Because The Needs Of Every Business / Website Are Different, Keeping In Mind That The Right Hosting Should Be Chosen.

Types of hosting services:

Cloud Hosting.

Shared Hosting,

Dedicated Hosting,

Virtual Private Hosting,

1. Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting Is Currently The Best Way Of Web Hosting. It Has Negligible Downtime. In This, The Web Hosting Provider Provides You A Cluster Of Servers And Your Files And Resources Are Copied On Those Servers.

If A Cloud Server Is Unable To Provide Services To You For Any Reason, Then All The Traffic Of Your Site Is Automatically Sent To The Other Cloud Server.

This is very flexible in terms of operation, that is you can upgrade and downgrade any hardware such as RAM, CPU at the time of need. In the traditional VPS, the server can be scaled only to a certain maximum capacity of the hardware on which it was actually built. But in the cloud, there is no fixed shape and you can scale your hardware requirements to any capacity at times when needed.

2. Shared Server

You can start your first blog on a shared server, but there is one big disadvantage and that is, your hosting account trust will be compromised by other websites hosted on the same server.This is like a hotel, where you occupy one room by paying monthly or yearly rent inside a single building.This Hosting Is Like Living In A Hostel. Just As You Share Your Living Space With Many In A Hostel, Similarly Many Websites Are Hosted On A Physical Server Under This Hosting Type. Shared Server Provides Facility To All These Websites To Use Web Space And Resources Like CPU, RAM Together, As A Result Of Which The Cost Of This Hosting Type Is Less Than Both The Other Types Of Hosting.

3. Wordpress Hosting

Wordpress Hosting Is A Type Of Shared Hosting, Which Is Mainly Designed For Wordpress Sites. In This, Your Server Is Configured For Wordpress Itself And The Necessary Plugins Already With The Site, So That The Site Becomes Secure, In Caching Help Is Given. Very Important Tools Like Wordpress Toolkit, SEO Toolkit Are Provided With Znetlive's Wordpress Hosting.

What Is Domain

What Is Domain

What Is Domain

What Is Domain And Hosting, DNS Is Used To Add Domain Name To Hosting. This Tells The Domain Which Web Server Your Website Is Placed In. Why Each Server Has Different DNS.

With The Help Of Domain Name, We Can Search The Website On The Internet. This Is A Friendly Naming System Through Which We Can Give The Address Of Any Web Pages And Web Servers.

Domain Name Or Dns Is A Nomenclature From Which We Can Identify A Website On The Internet. Talking About Any Website, All Are Connected To Some Ip Address In The Background. The Ip Address Is A Numerical Address That Tells The Browser Where On The Internet That Website Is Present.

The Entire Website Also Has A Name, Domain Name Is An Easy Name That We Can Remember.

With The Help Of Domain Name, We Can Find One Or More Ip Addresses. For Example, Domain Name Google.Com Refers To Hundreds Of IPs. Domain Name Is Also Used In Urls To Search For A Particular Webpage.


Since With The Inception Of Many Latest Technologies In The Web Hosting Industry, Choosing The Right Hosting Plan Is Pretty Difficult. But In General, There Are Only Four Basic Types Of Hosting, And If You Can Isolate The Difference, Then You Can Easily Take A Decision.

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