How To Use Google Pay
How To Use Google Pay

How To Use Google Pay

In The Last Few Years, The Trend Of Online Transactions Has Increased Very Fast. Whether It Is Shopping Or Sending Money To Someone, People Do All The Work From Their Mobile In Minutes. How To Use Google Pay, Now Many Apps Are Also Available For Online Payment. 

One Of These Apps Is Google Pay. Millions Of People Make Payments Through It Every Day. However, There Are Some Limits On Daily Transactions In Google Pay. Google Pay Has Put A Limit On How Much Money You Can Transfer In A Day. 

But There Are Some People Who Need To Transact Many Times A Day And The Daily Limit Given On Google Pay Also Falls Short For Them. In Such A Situation, They Have To Suffer A Lot. 

Although In Such A Situation You Can Use More Than One Payment App, But If You Do Not Want To Do This, Then Today We Will Tell You Some Tricks Through Which You Will Be Able To Pay More Times Than The Limit Set By Google Pay. Let's Know How..

There Are Many Types Of Upi Payment Systems Available In India. Using Which You Can Transfer Money From One Account To Another. Upi Payment Companies Like Paytm, Phonepe Are Working In India. 

Along With These Companies, Google Company Has Also Launched Its Google Pay App On Monday. Using Which You Can Make Online Purchases And Transfer Money.

How To Use Google Pay,Good Features Have Been Given From Other Companies In The Google Pay App System. With Which You Can Transfer Money Even Without Sharing Personal Information And Bank Account Details.


More Information That You Must Read.

Not Only This, You Can Also Earn Extra Income From This. And Also You Can Do Online Transactions Very Easily.

Today We Are Going To Tell You About A Very Big And Reliable Company Whose Name Is Google Pay. Google Pay (Tez) App Is A Upi-Based Payment App Launched By Google. With Its Help, You Can Easily Send And Receive Money. 

Its Special Thing Is That You Do Not Need To Put Money In It, It Is Directly Linked To Your Bank Account.

All The Transactions You Do In This Are Directly From Your Account. This Application Is Safe From All Other Applications Which Are Being Used By All Today. 

Whatever You Send Money In Google Tez App, It Is Deducted Directly From Your Account And On Receipt Of Money, It Reaches Your Account Directly, In Tez App (Google Pay) You Can Also Earn Money By Using Offers.

So Google Pay Or Tez App Is A Mobile Payment Application That Has Been Specially Created By Google For Digital Payment For Indians, Because Since The Demonetisation In Our Country, Our Country Is Moving Rapidly Towards Digital Payment. We Are Becoming A Cash-Less Country.

How To Use Google Pay,Google Tez App Was Launched In India On 19th September 2017 In Presence Of Our Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley And Vice President Of Next Billion User Caesar Sengupta. But On 28 August 2018, Google Tez Has Been Renamed As Google Pay.

Google Pay Is Neither A Wallet Nor A Payment Bank, It Is A Upi Based App. After Your Bank Account Is Linked In Google Pay App, You Can Transfer Money Online To Anyone At Any Time With The Help Of Internet.

Google Pay: How Much Money Can Be Transferred In A Day From Google Pay

How To Use Google Pay,You Can Send Up To Rs 1 Lakh In A Day Through Google Pay. Apart From This, A Maximum Of 10 Transactions Can Be Done In A Day. On The Other Hand, Money Requests Cannot Be Made For More Than Rs 2000 In A Day.

Many Times It Also Happens That Users Are Unable To Transfer Money From Google Pay Even After Having Bank Limit. In Such A Situation, You Can Check The Limit Of Your Bank By Visiting The Online Website.

This Is How Limit Increase Can Be Done

Generally, There Is No Easy Way To Increase The Payment Limit On Google Pay. But If Your Business Works On This, Then You Can Request To Increase The Upi Limit By Calling Customer Care.


So Friends, This Was The Complete Information About Google Pay. By Reading This Post, You Must Have Understood What Is Google Pay.

If You Have Understood This Google Pay Information Of Ours, Then Definitely Share It With Your Friends Too, And If You Have Any Question For Us, Then Tell Us By Writing It In The Comment.

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