Types Of Web Hosting
Types Of Web Hosting

Types Of Web Hosting, Web Hosting Is A Type Of Web Server That Provides Space For A Website On The Internet. When You Connect Your Website With Hosting, Then Your Website Can Be Viewed Through The Internet In Any Part Of The World.

All The Images, Videos, Files Etc. Data Is Saved In Your Website, It Is Saved In This Web Server Ie Hosting.

The Place Where All Your Data Resides, That Computer Is Connected To The Internet 24×7, Due To Which Users Are Able To See Your Website. Web Hosting Service Is Provided By Many Companies, Some Of The Main Ones Are – Hostinger, Bluehost, Godaddy, And Hostagator Etc.

To Buy Hosting From All These Companies, We Have To Pay Them Money, Because The Place It Provides For Our Website, It Is A Kind Of Rental House. As Long As We Pay Them, Our Website Is Stored In Their Servers. If We Do Not Renew Our Hosting, Then It Closes Our Website.

What Is Web Hosting, Web Hosting Is A Type Of Internet Service That Provides All Of Us The Facility To Store Our Website Securely On The Internet. We Need A Reliable Web Hosting Facility To Store Our Website Securely On The Internet And To Make Our Website Available To Our Readers 24 Hours A Day.

Types Of Web Hosting

Types Of Web Hosting, There Are Four Types Of Web Hosting, Which Include Shared Hosting, Vps (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, And Cloud Hosting. Let Us Know About All These Hosting In Detail –

1. Shared Hosting
2. Vps (Virtual Private Server) Hosting
3. Dedicated Hosting
4. Cloud Hosting

1. Shared Hosting

This Hosting Is Like Living In A Hostel. Just As You Share Your Living Space With Many In A Hostel, Similarly Many Websites Are Hosted On A Physical Server Under This Hosting Type. Shared Server Provides Facility To All These Websites To Use Web Space And Resources Like Cpu, Ram Simultaneously, As A Result Of Which The Cost Of This Hosting Type Is Less Than Both The Other Types Of Hosting.

So If You Are A Start-Up With A Limited Budget And You Think That Your Website Traffic Will Also Be Limited, Then Shared Hosting Is A Great Option For You.

Shared Web Hosting Is Similar To The Way Many People Live Together In A Hostel Or House. Similarly, In Shared Hosting, Thousands Of Websites Are Stored On A Single Web Server, Hence It Is Called Shared Hosting.

Types Of Web Hosting, Shared Web Hosting Is Best For Beginner Bloggers. Because In The Initial Days, There Is Not Much Traffic On The Website Of The New Blogger, So This Hosting Is Good For Them. Along With This, Its Second Biggest Advantage Is That It Is Cheaper Than Other Hosting. When The Traffic On Your Website Starts Increasing, Then You Can Change To Shared Hosting And Buy Another Hosting.

Along With This, Shared Hosting Is Cheap As Well As It Is Very Easy To Setup. You Will Not Face Any Problem In Controlling Your Website With This Hosting. Because The Control Panel Of This Hosting Is Very Basic.

It Has Some Advantages As Well As Some Disadvantages. Although Not So Much Loss But Still You Need To Know, Some Companies Do Not Provide You Support In Shared Hosting. Apart From This, Sometimes The Speed Of Your Website May Go Up Or Down. With Shared Hosting, You Should Use Some Other Plugin To Protect Your Website. Because Its Security Is Not So Much Better.

2. Vps (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

Types Of Web Hosting, This Hosting Is Like Living In A Flat, Where You May Share Your Main Gate With Everyone, But Having Another Door In Your House Also Gives You Your Privacy.

Vps Hosting Uses Virtualization Technology, Under Which A Physical Server Is Divided Into Virtually Different Servers, As A Result, Despite Being On The Same Server, Other Websites Are Unable To Use Your Share Of Web Space And Resources. Because Of This, This Hosting Gives You Benefits Like Privacy And Security.

So If You Want To Take Advantage Of The Features Of Dedicated Server At Low Cost, Then Choose Vps Hosting.

Vps (Virtual Private Server) Hosting Is Completely Different From Shared Hosting. In This The Hosting Company Cannot Connect Any Other Website. It Is Yours Only. Its Security Is Very Strong. Visualization Technology Is Used Inside It, Which Virtually Breaks The Server Into Different Parts. Due To Which Strong Security Is Provided To Your Website.

A Separate Resource Is Used For Each Server In Vps Hosting. Your Website Only Gets The Resources It Needs. This Improves Both The Speed And Security Of Your Website. But The Price Of This Hosting Is Higher Than Shared Hosting. If You Are Earning From Your Blog, Then You Can Buy This Hosting.

If You Know About Vps Hosting, You Should Also Know About Its Benefits. Let Us Tell You That In Vps Hosting, You Get Full Control Like Dedicated Hosting. You Get It At A Lower Price Than Dedicated Hosting.

It Provides Best Performance And Security To Your Website. There Are No Disadvantages Of Any Kind Of Vps Hosting. You Just Need To Have Some Information To Use This Hosting.

2. Dedicated Hosting

Types Of Web Hosting, This Hosting Is Like Living In A Bungalow, Where You Have Complete Control But You Also Bear All The Maintenance Expenses On Your Own.

Dedicated Server Hosting Gives You Complete Control Over Your Server, Where You Are Provided With Root Access To Manage.

Another Special Thing, In This Hosting, The Use Of Your Server And Resources Is Restricted To Others, Only You Can Use Them, That Is Why The Security Level Is Highest In Dedicated Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting Due To Its High Performance, Security And Control Advantages Is Considered The Ideal Hosting Solution For E-Commerce, Confidential And Sensitive Data, Large Database And High Traffic Sites.

So Identify, Determine The Needs Of Your Business And Choose The Right Web Hosting According To Them.

Dedicated Hosting As Its Name Suggests, Dedicated Means Dedicated. In The Same Way This Hosting Is Also Done. Only One Website Is Hosted In This Hosting. It Does Not Share Any Other Person's Website.

The Way Many Websites Are Hosted In Shared Hosting, But Dedicated Hosting Is Its Complete Opposite, Here The Whole Hosting Server Runs Only One Website. The Server Of This Hosting Works Very Fast, But Its Price Is Also Very Expensive, Because Only One Person Has To Pay Its Entire Cost.

Types Of Web Hosting, This Hosting Is For Those Websites, Whose Website Gets Traffic In Millions In A Month. Usually Dedicated Hosting Is Used For E Commerce Website. Which Includes Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal Etc.

Dedicated Hosting Is Expensive, But Its Benefits Are Also Many. If You Host Your Website With This Hosting, Then Your Website Is Completely Secure. You Can Completely Control The Server Of Your Website. To Use This Hosting, You Need To Have A Little Technical Knowledge.

3. Cloud Hosting

Types Of Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting Is The Best Way Of Web Hosting At The Moment. It Has Negligible Downtime. In This, The Web Hosting Provider Provides You A Cluster Of Servers And Your Files And Resources Are Copied On Those Servers.

If A Cloud Server Is Unable To Provide Services To You For Any Reason, Then All The Traffic Of Your Site Is Automatically Sent To The Other Cloud Server. It Has Many Advantages – Even In The Event Of A Server Failure, The Services Of Your Customers Will Not Be Affected, It Is Affordable Because You Only Pay For The Resources That You Use. It Is More Scalable Than Vps.

Cloud Hosting Works With Multiple Remote Servers. In Which Each Server Has Its Own Responsiveness. If Any Server Is Slow, It Connects The Website To Other Servers. If You Host Your Website On Cloud Server, Then Both The Speed And Performance Of Your Website Become Very Best. It Is Expensive As Compared To Other Hosting.

Cloud Hosting's Server Is Very Secure. Its Sever Never Goes Down. You Can Also Add A Website With Maximum Traffic On This Hosting. It Also Handles Maximum Traffic Easily.

Some Other Types Of Web Hosting

Types Of Web Hosting
Types Of Web Hosting

Types Of Web Hosting, As Mentioned Above, There Are Four Types Of Web Hosting, But Apart From This, There Are Many Other Companies, Which Provide Web Hosting, Which Are As Follows. We Can Also Call These Hosting Types As Hosting.

Wordpress Hosting

Types Of Web Hosting, Wordpress Hosting Is A Type Of Shared Hosting, Which Is Mainly Made For Wordpress Sites. In This, Your Server Is Configured For Wordpress Itself And The Necessary Plugins Already With The Site, So That The Site Becomes Secure, In Caching Help Is Given.

Being Highly Optimized For Wordpress, This Hosting Provides Unparalleled Speed To Your Wordpress Site And Allows You To Maintain Your Site Easily.

Wordpress Is A Type Of Cms (Content Management System Software), Which Also Provides Hosting, It Provides You Two Types Of Hosting, Which Include Shared Wordpress Hosting, Managed Wordpress Hosting.

Shared Wordpress Hosting Works Like Normal Hosting, Whereas Managed Wordpress Hosting Gives Your Website The Best Performance And Better Features In Many Ways. In Which Special Care Is Taken About The Security Of Your Website. If You Want To Buy Wordpress Hosting, You Also Get Some Such Plans, Which You Can Buy With One Click Installation.

Wordpress Hosting Is Generally Designed For The Website Running On Wordpress, It Provides The Best Security To Your Website. Because Wordpress Is A Type Of Cms, On Which The Data Of Your Website Resides. For Its Better Security, It Is Very Important For You To Take A Good Hosting. In Such A Situation, You Can Also Use Wordpress Hosting, Although It Is A Bit Expensive.

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