What Is Domain Name
What Is Domain Name

What Is Domain Name

Before Creating A Website, It Is Important To Know What A Domain Name Is, In The Internet, You Must Have Seen That Every Website Has A Domain Name. Which Makes It A Different Identity In The World Of Internet. But What Happens?

We Can Also Call The Domain Name As The Name Of The Website. Although Every Website Technically Runs On Ip Address, But It Is Difficult To Remember. We Use A Domain Name So That The Website Can Be Easily Recognized.

Computers Use Ip Addresses To Connect And Open Every Website. It Is Just A Series Of Numbers. This Is Used For Different Domain Name Extensions For Example .Com, .Net, .In, .Org, .Gov Etc.

What Is Domain Name, When You Think About Creating Your Website On A Platform Like Wordpress Or Blogger, The First Thing That Comes To Mind Is That What Will Be Its Domain Name, Do You Not Know What A Domain Name Is, Then It Doesn't Matter. What Is A Domain And How Many Types Are There, So Let's Know What Is A Domain

What Is Domain

Domain Is The Name Of Your Website Like Www.Money99cash.Com It Is The Name Of Our Website But The Story Does Not End Here, It Starts From Here The System Is Run By The Domain, It Is Called Dns, Dns Means Domain Dns In Name System Short, This Is The Main Address Or Web Address Of Your Site, Like Money99cash Has Web Address, Www.Money99cash.Com It Has " Money99cash.Com " Domain Name.

What Is Domain Name, Whether The Domain Is Necessary Or Can It Work Without It, Yes, Initially There Were Ip Addresses Instead Of Web Addresses, The Full Name Of Ip Address Is Internet Protocol Address, In Today's Time Computer Without Ip Address (Internet) Or Any Network) Cannot Be Connected

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Types Of Domain Extensions

What Is Domain Name
What Is Domain Name

Domain Extension Displays The Category Of The Site. You Can Name The Site Whatever You Want, But The Category Is Fixed. Like - .Com .Org .Gov Are Some Of The Most Popular Domain Extensions.

There Are Two Types Of Extensions -



1- Top Level Domains

Top Level Domains Are One Of The Most Used Domain Names Apart From Google, Other Search Engines Also Give Priority To Top Level Domains, Some Of The Major Top Level Domains Are As Follows -

.Com For Commercial Website

.Org For Organization Websites

.Edu For Educational Website And

.Gov Used For Government Website

2- Country Code Top Level Domains

What Is Domain Name, Country Code Top Level Domain Is Different For Every Country And On Seeing This You Can Tell Which Country This Website Domain Name Belongs To Like 

.In Dot In For India

Country Code Top Level Domains Available For .Us United States


So Friends, This Was The Domain Name

 Full Details Of. By Reading This Post You Will Get Domain Name

 What Happens, It Will Be Understood.

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