Biography Of George Washington
Biography Of George Washington

Biography Of George Washington, George Washington was born in the British colony of Virginia in 1732. Washington spent his early years on a farm in Virginia and would soon acquire land surveying skills that would prove very useful in his later military career. 

Washington began military service in the Ohio Country in 1753. One of Washington's first orders was to remove the French from the Ohio River Valley. Washington entered into its first military engagement and made the grave mistake of executing a surrendered French captain to a Native American major. 

The Laws of War stated that this action was a war crime, and that this action would become the spark that began the French and Indian War. 

During the war, Washington learned a great deal from his British commanders about military strategy, which would eventually be used against them during the American Revolution.


After the French and Indian War, Great Britain faced a great deal of debt. To pay off this debt, Britain issued its infamous series of taxes against the colonists. Like many American colonists, Washington opposed British taxation and soon became a popular and vocal opponent of them. 

Washington was elected as the General and Commander-in-Chief of the Colonial Army. Washington was met with both victories and defeats throughout the war, but his suffering and natural leadership resulted in him rising to a prestigious level.


By this point Washington's military and political leadership held him high enough to become America's first president. In 1789, George Washington was voted America's first president, along with Vice President John Adams. 

As president, Washington set many precedents, such as establishing the cabinet, appointing Supreme Court justices, and creating the first national bank. 

President Washington's two terms as president continued to create a strong and formidable central government focused on maintaining peaceful relations with foreign countries. 

Following his presidency, Washington retired to his home of Mount Vernon. In 1799, the "Father of America" ​​George Washington succumbed to the infection and died at the age of 67. Although Washington's life was over, his lasting legacy lives on and is seen as one of the greatest and most influential Americans in history. ,


George Washington Information

Biography Of George Washington, 

Full Name - George Washington

Born - February 22, 1732, Virginia, United States

Mother – Mary Ball Washington

Father – Augustine Washington

Marriage - Martha Dandridge Custis Washington

Fame - First President of America (1789-1797)

Died - December 14, 1799


George Washington History

Biography Of George Washington
Biography Of George Washington

Biography Of George Washington, George Washington, the first President of America, was born in the city of Virginia, United States of America, to a teacher. George Washington's parents were both teachers by profession.


At the same time, when George was just 11 years old, only then the shadow of his father was lifted from his head. After which his elder brother raised him like a father and took care of all his comforts.


At the same time, the most interesting thing about George Washington is that he did not attend school for a long time.


George Washington Marriage

Biography Of George Washington, George Washington was married to Martha Dandridge Custis, a widowed woman, who had two children from her first husband and had a substantial estate after the divorce.


At the same time, there was no child after the marriage of Washington and Martha, so Washington considered Martha's children as his children. 

At the same time, after the death of his older brother, who raised Washington, George got all his property, after which he together with his wife bought a new house, which is now known as "Mount Vernon". goes.


George Washington As A Soldier

Biography Of George Washington
Biography Of George Washington

Biography Of George Washington, From the age of 14 to 16, George Washington worked as a surveyor. During this time he prepared maps of many new lands and got information about it.


George Washington joined the US Army shortly after serving as a geometer, and then he was decorated with the rank of Major in 1752 due to his ability and skill.


After this he was elected as the representative of Virginia on 24 July 1758. It was one of the most important successes of his life so far. After this, in 1761, George Washington toured the southern states by horse carriage.


Not only this, in the year 1774, George Washington represented Virginia very brilliantly in the historic Philadelphia convention. Then on June 16, 1775, he was appointed as the Chief of the Combined Armies of the Northern States.


At the same time, he took part in the ongoing rebellion against France and in this war he had rid the rebel army of sixes and conquered Britain. At the same time, the independence of the United States, which had been declared on July 4, 1776, had stifled the British government to recognize it.


After this, in May, 1787, he was appointed as the President of the Federal Conference. Then on September 17, 1787, George Washington signed the draft constitution.


The First President Of The United States George Washington

Biography Of George Washington
Biography Of George Washington

Biography Of George Washington, In 1789, George Washington had the distinction of becoming the first President of America. He served as the President of America for about 8 years from 1789 to 1797.


He made America a lot of development during both the terms of his President and issued many plans and practices, which are being followed till date. Along with this, he played an important role in making America a powerful nation as President.


George Washington not only laid the foundation of the cabinet as President, but also took many important decisions like creating the first national bank and appointing Supreme Court justices. 

Apart from this, he also played an important role in forming the American government according to the constitution.


He himself stepped down from this post after two terms of his presidency and made it a rule for no person to be President of America more than twice.


Actually, he made this rule because he did not want that any person who stays in this important post for a long time, consider himself strong and powerful and then start ruling like a dictator.


Not only this, George Washington, the first President of America, also established peaceful relations with foreign countries during the tenure of his President. 

After this, on July 4, 1798, George Washington was appointed lieutenant general and commander in chief.


George Washington Death

Biography Of George Washington, George Washington, the first president of independent America and the great revolutionary, died on December 14, 1799, of a severe cold and throat infection, nearly two years after resigning from his presidency.

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