Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji
Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji

Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji


Mahatma Gandhi Was Born On 2 October 1869 In Porbandar, Gujarat. He Started The Dandi March In 1930 And Quit India Movement In 1942.

Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji, The Pietermaritzburg Railway Station In South Africa Was The Place From Where The Seeds Of Non-Violence Grew Within Gandhi. On 7 June 1893, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Was Going From Durban To Pretoria By Train. 

He Had A First Class Ticket. When The Train Stopped At Pietermaritzburg, They Were Asked To Move To The Third Class Compartment. Gandhiji Refused This. 

Then He Was Humiliated And Pushed Off The Train And Forcibly Taken Down.

This Incident Gave Birth To Satyagraha Within Gandhiji. Mahatma Gandhi Had Spent That Cold Night In The Waiting Room Of Pietermaritzburg, Where There Was No Arrangement To Escape The Heat. 

Referring To This Incident, Gandhi Wrote In His Autobiography, 'My Experiments With Truth', 'My Overcoat Was Also Kept In My Chest. But I Did Not Ask For My Overcoat Out Of Fear That I Might Be Dishonored Again.

Name -  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Father's Name -  Karamchand Gandhi

Mother's Name -  Putlibai

Date Of Birth  - October 2, 1869

Place Of Birth -  In Porbandar Region Of Gujarat

Nationality -  Indian

Religion -  Hindu

Caste -  Gujarati

Education -  Barrister

Wife Name - Kasturba Gandhi

Children Son Daughter's Name 4 Sons -: Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas, Devdas

Died - 30 January 1948

The Killer's Name Is Nathuram Godse

Mahatma Gandhi Books Hind Swaraj - In 1909

Satyagraha In South Africa - In 1924

India Of My Dreams

Gram Swaraj

An Autobiography 'My Experiments With Truth'

Creative Program – Its Meaning And Place


Mahatma Gandhi Education

Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji
Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji

Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji, Mahatma Gandhi Was A Disciplined Student From The Very Beginning, Who Had His Early Education In Rajkot, Gujarat. After This He Completed His Matriculation From Bombay University In 1887. 

Then At The Behest Of His Family Members, He Went To England To Study His Barrister.

About Four Years Later, In 1891, After Completing His Law Studies, He Returned To His Home Country Of India. During This Time His Mother Had Died, 

Although He Did Not Lose Courage Even In This Hour Of Grief And Started Advocacy Work. 

He Did Not Get Much Success In The Field Of Advocacy, But When He Went To South Africa In Connection With A Case, He Had To Face Apartheid.


Mahatma Gandhi's Khilafat Movement (1919–1924)


After The Poor, Laborers, Gandhiji Had Also Supported The Khilafat Movement Run By The Muslims. This Movement Was Launched To Re-Establish The Post Of Caliphate Of Turkey. After This Movement, Gandhiji Had Also Won The Trust Of Hindu-Muslim Unity. At The Same Time, It Later Became The Foundation Of Non-Cooperation Movement Of Gandhi - Mahatma Gandhi.


Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji
Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji

Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji, During A Meeting In Amritsar's Jallian Wala Bagh To Protest Against The Rolex Act, The British Office Opened Fire On Innocent People Without Any Reason, In Which 1000 People Present There Were Killed And More Than 2000 People Were Injured. 

Mahatma Gandhi Was Greatly Traumatized By This Incident, After Which Mahatma Gandhi Decided To Agitate Against The British Government On The Path Of Peace And Non-Violence. Under This, Gandhiji Demanded A Boycott Of Political, Social Institutions In British India.

Mahatma Gandhi's Civil Disobedience Movement/Dandi Yatra/Salt Movement (1930)


Mahatma Gandhi Had Started This Movement Against The British Government, Under Which It Was Decided Not To Follow Whatever Rules Were Implemented By The British Government Or It Was Also Decided To Oppose These Rules. 

Let Us Tell You That The British Government Had Made A Rule That No Other Person Or Company Would Make Salt.

On March 12, 1930, He Broke This Law By Making Salt By Dandi Yatra, He Had Made Salt By Reaching A Place Called Dandi And Had Disobeyed The Law.

Mahatma Gandhi - Gandhi's Dandi Yatra Lasted From 12 March 1930 To 6 April 1930. Dandi Yatra Was Taken Out From Sabarmati Ashram. 

At The Same Time, Seeing This Movement Growing, The Government Had Sent The Then Viceroy Lord Irwin For A Settlement, After Which Gandhiji Accepted The Agreement.

Quit India Movement Of Mahatma Gandhi- (1942)


Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji
Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji

Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji, Mahatma Gandhi Launched The Third Largest Movement Against British Rule. This Movement Was Named 'British Quit India'.

However, Gandhi Had To Go To Jail In This Movement. But The Young Workers Of The Country Continued To Run This Movement Through Strikes And Sabotage, 

At That Time Every Child Of The Country Had Become Troubled By Slave India And Wanted To Live In Independent India. However This Movement Was Unsuccessful.

Death Of Mahatma Gandhi

Biography Of Mahatma Gandhiji, Mahatma Gandhi Was Assassinated On 30 January 1948 By Nathuram Godse. He Was Shot 3 Bullets And The Last Words That Came Out Of His Mouth Were: 'Hey Ram'. 

After His Death, His Tomb Was Built At Raj Ghat In Delhi.

Thus Gandhiji Was A Very Great Person. Gandhiji Did Many Important Works In His Life, His Strength Was 'Truth And Non-Violence' And Even Today We Can Bring Important Changes In The Society By Adopting His Principles.

Apart From These, There Are Many Such Facts About The Life Of The Father Of The Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, Which Are Very Interesting And Important.



Q: When Was Mahatma Gandhi Born?

Ans: On 2 October 1869


Q: What Caste Did Mahatma Gandhi Belong To?

Ans: Gujarati


Q: Who Was The Spiritual Guru Of Mahatma Gandhi?

Ans: Shrimad Rajchandra Ji


Q: What Was The Name Of Mahatma Gandhi's Daughter?

Ans: Princess Amrit


Q: What Did Mahatma Gandhi Do For The Country?

Ans: There Was A Special Contribution In Getting India's Independence.


Q: Where Was Mahatma Gandhi Born?

Ans: It Happened In Porbandar, Gujarat.


Q: When Did Mahatma Gandhi Die?

Ans: 30 January 1948


Q: Which Book Was Written By Mahatma Gandhi?

Ans: Hind Swaraj: In The Year 1909


Q: What Is The Autobiography Written By Mahatma Gandhi?

Ans: The Autobiography Named Satya Se Sanyog Has Been Written By Mahatma Gandhi.